13 ft Electric Scissor Lift Narrow

13 ft Electric Scissor Lift Narrow

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13' to the platform and 30" Wide

Model delivered my be different then pictured

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Equipment Overview

The 13 ft narrow electric scissor lift is great for indoor applications, and can navigate spacious indoor areas. Limited to vertical lifting mobility, the electric scissor lift is best suited for jobs that require work in a fixed location for an indefinite amount of time, and can hold multiple occupants with its wide aerial work platform. Typical projects range from sign hanging, ceiling work, and various construction and maintenance tasks. Electric powered, the scissor lift is ideal for indoor tasks and construction or maintenance crews.

  • - 13 ft vertical reach
  • - Emission free
  • - Designed for indoor maintenance and construction tasks


GS-1330m Spec Sheet

  Genie GS-1330m

Platform Height 13'
Retracted Height 79"
Platform Capacity 500 lbs
Weight 1,950 lbs

Power Source 24V DC
Platform Size 54" x 26.5"

Overall Dimensions 56"L x 30"W

Platform Extension 18"